Digital Clinic

Project Overview

The Digital Clinic serves patients through offering diagnostic evaluations as well as short term ongoing mental health care. If interested in receiving care, please call the BIDMC Department of Psychiatry scheduling line at: 617-667-4735 The clinic is located at the main hospital campus at 330 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA, 02446

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The Digital Clinic is open to patients at BIDMC and offers face to face clinical care, augmented with digital technology. We customize and use mindLAMP to help capture the dynamic symptoms of mental health conditions and understand the social, environmental, and temporal factors that impact recovery.


The Digital Clinic is designed around shared decision making and data is interpreted in sessions with both the patient and clinician present. Using the mindLAMP dashboard, relevant trends can be easily visualized and allow the clinical visit to focus on treatment planning and recovery.


The Digital Clinic represents direct implementation and service delivery of digital mental health. In the learning healthcare system model, our team constantly collects feedback and works to improve our implementation with the goal of increasing quality of care as well as access.


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