About mindLAMP

mindLAMP is a customizable smartphone app designed and developed by our team to support research in mental health. mindLAMP is designed to collect information and record lived experience through surveys, cognitive tests and games, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit monitoring, and phone sensors. The data collected offers patients and clinicians insight into behavioral and physiological patterns that may help inform future diagnoses and treatments for mental illness.


Clinical Assessments & EMA

  • Intuitively capture patient or participant data from in-clinic assessments.
  • Configure content delivery frequency and track out-of-clinic symptoms in real-time with customizable assessments.
  • Use modified neuropsychological and cognitive tests to create an always-adapting cognitive profile.
  • Play mindfulness games to help manage and alleviate symptoms.

Actionable Digital Phenotyping

  • Integrate with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit on dozens of affordable wearables to measure everyday physical activity.
  • Create intelligent workflows to pinpoint and react to anomalies and trends in data.
  • Associate environmental and social context with each out-of-clinic assessment for a comprehensive patient profile.
  • Cognitive metadata stitches together with assessments and passive measurements of physical activity effortlessly.

Dashboard Visualizations & Messaging

  • Generate reports with interactive visualizations and track progress using the patient or participant dashboard.
  • Talk to your clinician about your health in real-time using specialized healthcare team management views for you and your family.
  • Create your own interactive visualizations in Python, Javascript, or R for your patients or participants to see.

Structured Data & API

  • Export all data in either modern JSON or Excel-compatible CSV.
  • Use the new programmable data science API to manipulate patient events and activities in real-time.
  • Build and integrate with third-party systems, such as electronic medical records, or wearable fitness trackers.
  • Harness the power of the Automations framework for reactive multi-dimensional data processing.
  • Create custom activities such as interactive cognitive tests for your unique study needs.

Intelligent Automations & Tags

  • Automation applets in the LAMP Platform work just like smartphone apps you may have used before, except once you install an applet, it autonomously works in the background with no configuration required.
  • Automation applets breathe life into your data by intelligently producing rich insights, visualizations, and integrations with external clinical systems, medical records, or data warehouses.
  • Tags bring flexibility to data, allowing it to evolve to fit the needs of a clinic, or to support legacy health record systems, in a non-destructive way.

Reactive Data Pipelines

  • Instead of downloading and processing data in an insecure environment, applets are composed of predefined operations atop your data that runs in a HIPAA-secure sandbox, reducing data management risk and optimizing analysis speeds.
  • Each applet can reactively perform an individual function, such as sending a text message reminder or generating a data plot, in response to data flowing through the Platform.
  • Applets can work together to create unique automated workflows, such as self-managing research studies, clinical interventions, adaptive machine learning population models, and more.

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