Meet our research team of physicians, data scientists, patients, students, and mental health professionals.

Our Team

Research and Design Advisory Panel

Abhishek Pratap, PhD

Data Science

John Naslund, PhD

Global Mental Health

Joseph Firth, PhD

Nutrition & Physical Activity

Joseph Witowsky, MS

Educational Software

Jung Won Kim, MD

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Synthia ​Guimond, PhD


Theodore Cosco, PhD


Past Members

Can-Misel Kilciksiz, MD

Research Fellow

Elizabeth McCool, RN

Research Intern

Greyson Liu, MS

Data Sciene PhD Student

Julia Tartaglia, BS

Medical Student Research Intern

Mara Mercurio

Undergraduate Research Intern

Noy Alon

Undergraduate Research Intern

Victoria Hendel, BS

Research Assistant

Will Torous

Undergraduate Research Intern

​Conor Rizzuto, MS

Graduate Research Intern