Digital Psychiatry

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About the Division of Digital Psychiatry

The Division of Digital Psychiatry is a collaborative research group at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School affiliate in Boston, MA. Our team is comprised of mental health professionals with backgrounds in medicine, engineering, and clinical care. We work with hospitals, academic institutions, healthcare companies, federal organizations, and software developers to advance partnerships in technology and psychiatry. Our goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of treatment for mental illness through education, research, and innovation in digital psychiatry.

What is digital psychiatry?

Digital Psychiatry uses emerging technologies to understand, diagnose, and treat mental illness. The scalability and accessibility of digital resources, paired with insights that can be drawn from digital devices, is unprecedented. Digital psychiatry combines medicine, data science, clinical and patient experience, and engineering to advance research and care for mental health. Read more about digital psychiatry here.

What is digital phenotyping?

Digital phenotyping uses data extracted from smartphones and other personal digital devices to generate a "moment-by-moment quantification of the individual-level human phenotype." This data captures use patterns and digital behavior, offering insight into real-world, real-time patient experiences. Read more about digital phenotyping here.

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